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   Phone: (518) 439-2443 

   Email us at: anydaymovers@twc.com

                          (OR:     barenthatt@twc.com)


                   Residential & Office Moving:

  •   Small apartments to whole house moves
  • ​  Loading/Unloading for U-Haul renters, PODS, Etc.
  •   Packing, deliveries, & furniture assembly 

                                    -- Free Estimates - Reasonable Rates --

                                                       15 Years Experience

                                           Business Hours:  8 a.m. - 11 p.m.

                                                         7 Days a week


     Statements by former customers are our best advertising. The easiest way to find latest reviews is on Google. Go there, type in "furniture movers Albany," or and click on our name (in black print). There are also extensive "Angie's List" reviews on us, and that site now offers free membership...for you to read and judge for yourself. We are also on Google under "movers Albany," "moving companies Albany," and "local movers Albany."

   We are an Albany area company, in the moving business for about 12 years now. We are available for large or small local and long distance moves...residential or office. The men listed in the reviews online are all still working for us, and have at least 5 years experience. They are fast, reliable, family oriented, and good at what they do.  Our advertising and operating expenses are fairly low, and we try to pass that reduced price on to our customers. Extensive reviews are listed below, so look them over and give us a call.  

    Below the reviews is an explanation of the information we need from you for your estimate, plus our company history, policies, and coverage.

    To inquire about our rates please call or email us directly. We would be glad to answer  any and all questions. Thanks.



Angies List:       "These professionals arrived on time and began working immediately. They completed the 

task in no time with no breaks. They handled all belongings with great care, packed the truck properly, and unloaded to a 2nd floor apartment with ease. What would have been an all day job for us took these guys less than 3 hours. We will be using them again and recommending them to others."

Note: We have an overall "A" rating on Angie's List, out of 47 reviews there. 

Other Online Reviews:   

12/30/16*****  "I highly recommend this moving company. The men arrived on time and were very 

Mary                   professional, worked very hard, with no breaks. More importantly, they were extremely

                          careful with my furniture and antiques. The cost of the move was fair and reasonable.

                          These movers are the best that I have had since I moving back from DC to Albany."


10/6/16  *****  "Exceptional. Great experience with Any Day Movers. Barry kept in touch and was

                          responsive at all times...I can't say enough about how efficient and professional his

                          movers were. We moved our own boxes and left the heavy furniture to these guys.

                          They finished sooner than anticipated and my bill reflected that.  They made a really

                          stressful event a non-issue. Well Worth it."

11/15/16 *****  "Barry's guys were amazing. I was a little bit worried because they seemed like the most                            casual of the 4 movers I met with...but they were also the cheapest & I knew they had                              a good rating...so went with them. The movers were great. Super friendly guys who in

                           less than 4 hours were done with the job. Nothing was damaged & they were very


6/18/16  *****  "Handled everything as if it was their own. Chris and Ryan were efficient, effective, and

                          even downright funny. Answered all my stupid questions, ...and not only did they take

                          apart the wooden bed frame, they also tightened (or untightened) anything that                                       needed it without my even asking. I have not found damage to ANYTHING! When

                          I got there...everything was exactly where I wanted it to go."


7/02/16   *****   "These guys ROCK !!! Highly recommend them. Friendly, dependable, efficient,

Stacy M.               affordable. If you are looking for movers hire these guys!! You will not be sorry.

                           Five stars !"

8/10/16    *****   "This is my 1st time using professional movers. Any Day Movers came highly recom-

Fran R.                  mended from a friend and Chris and Adam were the best. They are work horses and 

                            needed to be encouraged to take a break for lunch...most important to me was the 

                            care and concern they both showed to my mother who was 95.  One of the last pieces 

                            of furniture they moved from her apartment was her bed so she could nap as they

                            moved her possessions..." (read more of this on our Google page Reviews).

3/10/16   *****   "Adam and Greg were so courteous & efficient. They helped my Mom move and went

Kimberly               above and beyond. Great guys and a smooth move! Thank you."

12/20/15  *****   "Best movers ever ! They went above and beyond. I've never experienced such a stress

Nicole                   free move. They were fast and professional (and funny).  I would absolutely use them


10/9/15    *****   "I got 3 quotes for my move across town; these folks were - by far - the most 

Andrew S.              reasonable.  They were professional, communicated, worked with me, and I had a                                    stress free move for the first time ! The 2 guys who did the job - Adam and John -                                    were hard-working, good natured, and good at problem solving to get the job done.

                             I would highly recommend them to anyone.

11/15/15   *****   My fiance and I hired Any Day Movers for our move from a 1st floor apartment to a

Jean Marie              2nd floor apartment an hour away. When I first called Barry he was extremely helpful

                             and gave me a reasonable estimate. On the day of the move Chris and Ryan were the

                             movers. They were so nice, efficient, and incredibly hard working...they took care of                                  everything and were clearly experienced at their job. They treated us and our things                                  with respect & it was amazing how fast they worked. I seriously cannot say enough 

                             good things about Chris and Ryan. They were our heroes. I would hire them again in

                             a heartbeat."

9/11/15     *****   They put all the furniture together for us when we got to the new apartment.                                            Everything arrived in perfect shape. They were on time arriving, called before to let us

                             know they were on the way. They were the most professional movers I have ever

                             dealt with...and we are using these movers again on October 24th....That same day 

                             my daughter asked them if they could disassemble a heavy wooden swing set/play fort

                             from her old home and then reassemble it in her family's new home. They did an                                      amazing job. I can't say enough good things about this company and their team."

9/12/14      *****  "I was able to tell from the first phone call that all the other positive reviews weren't

JR S.                      all just crap. Barry laid out the expense estimate in a detailed and comprehensive

                             fashion and it came out as expected (verrry reasonable). Chris and Ryan came...

                             and did exactly what you would expect them to do...Just read all the other reviews and

                             you'll see why everyone is so happy. Thanks guys !"

10/29/14    *****  "If there was an option for 6 stars I would have given that. The entire process went       Darra H.                 smoothly from start to finish. Barry was very friendly and returned my calls promptly.

                             Chris and Ryan arrived right n time and ready to work. The estimate was very                                          reasonable &the final cost came in well under the projected amount..."

1/6/14       *****   "We had an awesome experience with them. these guys were friendly and

Kim R.                    cooperative. Our work was done in 3 hours and their rates were super competitive

                             We did the booking one day in advance, and these people came on time. We opted                                     for 2 workers and a truck, and it was sufficient for us."

1/9/14       *****   "We had to move a large home to a storage unit. They did a great job & the estimate

Gladstone R.           quoted was right on. From start to finish they got back to me and followed up in a                                    timely manner. Thanks for all our help and for making the process an easy one."

1/10/14     *****   "I used ADM last month to move from Albany & the move went perfectly. They were Gareth W.               right on time & completed the move in the time expected. The movers were very                                      professional and friendly, and worked hard from the time they started to the time they                              were done. I don't expect to be moving again, but if I did I would use them again."

5/28/13     *****    "I had a GREAT experience. Not only were the 2 movers who came efficient &

Jennifer                   professional, within 3 hours I was completely moved in to a 2nd floor. I will definitely

                              use ADM again & recommend their services."

5/23/13      *****    "These guys were incredible. The owner was caring and accommodating from day 1.

Janine                      I called to set up a long distance move, he helped to figure out the best ways to save

                               money...when moving day arrived I was more impressed. The guys were quick & 

                               helpful in every way..."

9/30/13      *****    "I have relied on Any Day Movers on 2 different occasions, and they exceeded my 

Liz                           expectations both times. The guys are affable, hard working and fast ! The second 

                               time I hired them we were in a major time crunch: we had less than 6 hours to                                        empty my partner's apartment in the Berkshires, drive to Albany, unload and return

                               the truck to Schenectady. Phew ! But they did it quickly, with no damage to our                                        belongings. And they smiled and joked around through the stress ! I will definitely                                    call Any Day Movers in the future."

6/23/13      *****    "These guys were great ! Reliable, friendly and incredibly hard working. Would

Lauren                     recommend this business to ANYONE !"

3/25/13      *****    "Very professional and reliable. Gave me a good quote and showed up on time.

Joseph                      Experienced crew moved my stuff safely and efficiently and with care. Very satisfied

                                with this company."

12/29/11         *****     "My movers were wonderful. They made my move less stressful because they were

Emaan                              communicative and hard working. I would highly recommend them."

12/02/12         *****    "I have used Any Day Movers on 3 separate occasions. If you need guys in uniform, then call James P.                         an expensive moving company. If you need dependable, respectful guys that will take care of 

                                        you, call Any Day."

     We do not show our pricing info online, for competitive reasons. However, if you give us a call at the phone number listed, or drop us an email, I will be glad to talk to you or send you our standard form explaining all those details. 


​    Any Day Movers is a Tri-City area company specializing in residential and office moves, both local and long distance. We handle jobs ranging from small-medium 2 man jobs to large 4-5 man moves, ...from small apartments to large homes. We also do deliveries

(appliances, 2-3 item transports), and "in house" jobs (for floor sanding, re-arranging, etc.).

We bring tools and equipment to every job, for disconnecting appliances and disassembling/reassembling furniture whenever needed.

    All the men working have had at least 5 years experience with Any Day Movers, averaging 20-40 jobs per month during that time. We are a family oriented business. Meaning that we are in business to be 'of service,' not simply for profit. We take the job seriously, and our work ethic is simply to do the best job possible. That means treating customers with respect, being careful with all furniture and belongings, and providing honest work for honest pay.

    The men have their own medical insurance so customers are NOT liable for injury or accident on the job, or on customer property. We use U-Haul rental trucks for each job, charge customers only what U-Haul will be charging us, and take out insurance on each U-Haul job, which is an $80,000. policy covering personal injury, vehicle damage, and damage to any and all contents in the U-Haul.

    For damage to furniture/property that may occur in the process of loading/unloading we have a $300. deductible. Meaning anything under $300. we compensate the customer for 'out of pocket,' and to the customer's satisfaction. Anything above that would be referred to the insurance company. 

    And by way of reassurance, we have not had any "major" damage claims ever!​  And we have had only one or two minor damage incidents, out of 100s of jobs, in the last 2 years,

for which we settled with the customer to their satisfaction. Averaging 30-60+ jobs per month over a 2 year period, that is a pretty good track record.

    And that is to the credit and skill of the men working for me.  I could not ask for better men than the ones currently working, and who will be doing your job if you decide to hire us.











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